A number of artists have crossed their talents with JJ Beeme’s work.
These are a few examples.

Beeme’s Mecanos
became wooden and
terracotta sculptures
by Argentinian artist
Alejandro Massaro Lattuada

Cthulhu is a collage series by
JJ Beeme with atmospheric
backgrounds by photographer
Antonio Bandirali

Beeme’s art books published
by Alberto Casiraghy’s

a variation on Italo Calvino,
with a picture by photographer
Angelo Gargaglione

Aforismos al tren!,
with a xilography by
Adriano Porazzi

JJ Beeme and Argentinian
artist Julio Silva (right),
Julio Cortázar’s companion,
interpreted by means of
silkscreens and aquatints
Rosalba Campra’s
Díptico del centauro

Beeme coloured
original plates of El Vengador,
by Argentinian cartoonist Alberto Romero,
and tributed him in the plaquette Justicieros

JJ Beeme 
and Dutch artist Paul Scharff
interpreted Borges’ K’i-lin
(Chinese unicorn) in a book
for La Torre degli Arabeschi