Art-in Eden is a creative gardening process, inspired by Steiner’s biodynamic principles and the defense of spontaneous plants according to the concept of Tiers Paysage.

Its main open-air lab is our Giardino del Garabato, a colorful piece of nature invitating for silence and reflection. Conceived by Malena, who aknowledges contributions from precious friends: Claudia Pimpinelli, curator of the Rocca Borromeo’s Medieval Garden; Michael Kleih, Swiss botanist and florist; landscape architect Laura Arcelli, creator of the app Giardini d’Italia; agricultural engineer Lucia Volta, specialist in spontaneous flora; local historian Guido Scattolini, cultural coordinator at the city of Angera.

Art-in Eden, as it was in Jack London’s bildungsroman, is also a privileged experimental field for Beeme’s art-botanical manoeuvres.