Quiénes somos

José-Joaquín Beeme
Co-founder and creative core of Fundación del Garabato, JJ Beeme is a Spanish visual artist,
writer and editor based in Italy since 2002.

To browse his portfolios in fields like cinema, literature and arts,
see his dedicated website


Malena Manrique
Co-founder and curator of Fundación del Garabato, Malena has a PhD in History of Art
and a Master in Contemporary Art. Specialized in theory of art and aesthetics, artists’ writings
and creative thought from Baroque up to our days.

To know more about her academic background, research papers and books,
see her dedicated website


Both have joined their confluent backgrounds to give life to this artwork,
which grows around their own experience and Weltanschauung.


Fundación del Garabato [Scribble’s foundation, doodle’s root] aims to study, foster and promote creative processes as expressed by all-time artists in unlimited and varied supports and techniques, such as sketchbooks, experimental animation and any other work in progress. Traditionally considered as minor or preliminary artworks, we vindicate their artistic and documental value, meaningful to understand human creativeness.

Similarly, FG claims for the so-called visionary art, because the artist’s inner vision is a powerful imagery source, whose privileged realm are the afore-mentioned processes of poetic invention.

FG joins so the Duchampian revolution, which focuses on thoughts and ideas instead of final, marketable products, but opposite to many contemporary art tendencies, defined by a materialistic approach, we still believe in a holistic not-solipsistic art, by which concepts and visions go into action in order to inspire and, re-engaging to it, improve this world.


Fundación del Garabato is placed alongside the lake Maggiore, North Italy, not far from Turin and Milan and also well connected to Switzerland.


Fundación del Garabato
Via Giovanni Pascoli, 8
21021 Angera (VA)

+39 0331 931004